Inflact versus Picuki – Which Instagram Watcher is Ideal?


You’ve been involving Instagram for quite a long time, and you love it. You knew all about Picuki its photograph channels, hashtags, and even Stories (Mother!). Notwithstanding, that is only a little scratch on a superficial level concerning how you ought to see content via virtual entertainment.

However, you’ve as of late found that your companions have been posting some truly incredible photographs on their records! Furthermore, they appear to be unique than the ones you see on your feed: they’re squarer, they have abnormal lines around them, and they’re more modest in size. Contingent upon the size of your Instagram devotee count, the manner in which you content is presented via web-based entertainment may be not the same as how individuals are really seeing posts and pictures on their end.

So you pose yourself an inquiry that is probable keeping a considerable lot of us conscious around evening time: Might I at any point see these photographs as well? Well… yes! It’s classified “Inflact,” and it’ll knock your socks off when you see how it helps your Instagram experience.

Free Picuki

Picuki is a free help and there is no expense to utilize it. You can download Picuki on your PC or cell phone without paying anything, so it’s a decent choice in the event that you need an option in contrast to Instagram without paying anything by any means!

No promotions

Dissimilar to other Instagram watchers, Picuki is free. Totally free. There are no promotions, in-application buys or secret expenses. You can involve it however much you need without spending a dime on it!

Simple to utilize

It’s not difficult to utilize.

Picuki is a clear application that allows you effectively to find the right record and see the substance you need to see. Inflact, then again, has a more convoluted connect with pointless highlights that simply make it harder to get around in an Instagram watcher application.

Different record backing and publicly released code

  • Numerous record support is perfect for dealing with various records.
  • Open source code implies that you can see what the application does and how it makes it happen, and assuming you’re an engineer, you can add to the application yourself.

Not accessible for Android (yet). Perhaps the most outstanding aspect.

The application isn’t accessible for Android (yet). This might be the greatest aspect, as it implies that Picuki is still being developed and will keep on getting to the next level.

In the event that you’re an Android client and wouldn’t fret taking care of business, you can fabricate it yourself. The source code is open-source so anybody with a touch of coding experience can do this!

The application isn’t accessible on the Play Store or Amazon Appstore-you’ll have to download straightforwardly from its designer’s site here:

Inflact is free, has no advertisements, and is not difficult to utilize. This is the way you can get it.

Inflact is a free Instagram application that you can download from the Application Store. It’s extremely easy to utilize, and there are no advertisements or in-application buys to stress over. This is the closely guarded secret:

  • Open the Inflact application on your telephone, then make a record by entering your name, email address and secret key (or utilize your current Instagram account). You can likewise import photographs from your camera roll assuming that you’d like!
  • Presently view others’ posts via looking for their username or profile picture; if you need to see more than one individual without a moment’s delay, simply tap on their name or picture for them all to show up in one feed.

Utilizing Inflact Instagram Watcher to View IG Posts

On the off chance that you are an Instagram client and have less supporters, you can utilize this site apparatus to see others’ IG posts. It is the most effective way to see your companions’ Instagram posts assuming they have more IG adherents than yours.

You will actually want to see their photographs, recordings, stories and all the other things that they have posted on Instagram. To get familiar with this interaction, make certain to peruse our full instructional exercise underneath.

  1. Go to inflact watcher’s site

  • Go to inflact watcher’s site
  • Enter the username of the instagram client whose presents you need visible
  • Select the view mode as matrix or rundown (lattice shows generally your companion’s posts in a solitary site page)
  • Click on “Go” button and you will be diverted to the page where all your companion’s IG posts are shown

 Enter the username of the instagram client whose presents you need visible

To see a client’s posts, you just have to enter their username. You can do this in lowercase letters, blended case letters or capitalized letters.

3. Select the view mode as lattice or rundown.

The following stage is to pick the view mode as network or rundown.

  • Matrix view: This is the default setting, which shows all posts in one long segment and permits you to effortlessly look at them. You can likewise utilize this mode if you have any desire to see more than each post in turn by choosing “View as Lattice” from the dropdown menu situated under “Choices.”
  • List view: On the off chance that you lean toward seeing just a single post at an at once, “as Rundown” from the equivalent dropdown menu for this choice as opposed to utilizing network view.

4. Click on “Go” button and you will be diverted to the page where all your companion’s IG posts are shown.

Click on “Go” button and you will be diverted to the page where all your companion’s IG posts are shown.

You can now see every one of your companions’ Instagram posts in a single spot, which is extremely helpful! You can tap on any picture to see it in standard and like/remark on it also.

inflact watcher is a simple site apparatus that allows you to see others’ instagram posts

Inflact Instagram Watcher is a simple site device that allows you to see others’ instagram posts. It’s perfect for figuring out what your companions are doing, or even looking at certain outsiders’ profiles.

Inflat Watcher permits you to see any individual’s public profile on Instagram without having them as a supporter or companion on the application!


Inflact is an extraordinary choice for Instagram clients who need to have the option to see their feed and mind their warnings in a more helpful manner than the actual application permits. It additionally has a few pleasant elements like warnings and numerous record support that improve utilizing it even than simply utilizing your telephone’s underlying application!

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