Who Is Tamika Pratt In All-American?


Tamika Pratt is a person on the Network program All American. She’s depicted by Danielle Savre, who has featured on Broadway and in various different creations. The entertainer has likewise showed up in movies, for example, The Boondock Holy people II: All Holy people Day and Sin City: A Woman to Kill For. In this article we investigate all that you want to be aware of Tamika Pratt including her genuine name, where she was brought up, who killed her mom and why she moved out of state at 18 years of age — all inside the setting of All American!

The Genuine Story of Tamika

Tamika Pratt was an understudy at South Crenshaw Secondary School, and she was a team promoter and track star.

On Spring fifth, 2011, Tamika’s life reached an unexpected conclusion when she was shot and killed by a companion of her sibling’s. The shooting has been governed as self-incurred yet specialists are as yet investigating it further.

Tamika has turned into a notorious figure in dark America as a result of her demise very early in life (23) because of weapon savagery in America — an issue that influences all networks across our nation today.

Who Is Tamika Pratt in All American?

Tamika Pratt is a fictitious person who shows up in the Netflix unique series All American. She is the more youthful sister of Spencer and Reggie, and the girl of Sherry and Franklin Pratt. She is likewise Jalen’s cousin, ex, and later sweetheart.

Jalen and Taryn are first seen together at Jalen’s home, where they’re assisting Spencer with getting together his stuff to move out.

Taryn is found behind the scenes when Spencer gets a call from Jalen, who necessities to discuss something significant. She is subsequently seen at the party with her folks and Jalen.

Who Killed Tamika?

In the last episode of All American, Tamika Pratt is tracked down dead in her home by her beau. The shooter was not distinguished, yet it was resolved that they were wearing a ski cover and were wearing dark at the hour of homicide. They left their vehicle at the scene and escaped by walking, conceivably into a rear entryway or close by leave.

The police examination uncovered that Tamika had been shot multiple times in the head, chest and midsection with a 9 mm handgun. The rationale in the homicide stays obscure, however there is hypothesis that she might have been engaged with criminal behavior.

Equity for Tamika” in All American

In the All American episode “Equity for Tamika,” Tamika Pratt (Danielle Nicolet) is seen strolling down the road, wearing a white shirt and dark jeans. She’s chatting on her telephone and glancing around at every one individuals before her.


Abruptly, somebody shoots her in the head with an AK-47 attack rifle! Promptly thereafter, cops show up and find that she has been shot on numerous occasions.

The genuine Tamika Pratt doesn’t appear to be dead — yet!

She is a previous NFL team promoter and was brought into the world in Birmingham, Alabama. She went to Reddish-brown College and graduated with a Four year certification in scientific studies certification in Human Sciences. After graduation, she joined the Atlanta Hawks as one of their supporters of 2 years.


It’s been decade since Tamika Pratt was killed. After her passing, her loved ones worked enthusiastically to keep her memory alive through different online entertainment stages. They made an establishment in her name, which has helped large number of kids all through the country. There are many inquiries in regards to the conditions encompassing Tamika’s homicide and we trust that this examination will bring equity for Tami along with different casualties of viciousness along our roads.

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